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Tipjar Setting Manual

[ S-0X ] = Sit down and log in and play the animation.

[ T-0X ] = Log in with Touch.

[ D-0X ] = Sensors to recognize the staff and log in automatically.

Log in to view your profile picture and avatar name [ T-01 / S-01 only].

You can also limit the users to Owner / Group / All User.

You can also set up detailed settings, such as messages for tip recipients.

・Right-click on the tipjar and select Edit to open the edit screen.


・Configure the settings by rewriting the note cards ( @SETTING_English ) in the Contents tab.

・Settings change and set each item after [ = ].

 ※Changing the string before [ = ] will cause an error. Please do not change it.

  E.g. If you want to turn on.

        ON : 1   OFF : 2

  E.g. If you want to register a UUID.

・The texture UUID required for registration can be copied by right-clicking on the target texture in your possession  and selecting Copy UUID.

 To paste, press [ Ctrl + V ] to paste it into the note card.

If you have any questions about the settings, please contact Kiraring Resident via "Note Card".


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